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Lisa Peters is an accomplished and versatile costume designer, artist, and craftsperson with a passion for bringing characters to life. She is fascinated by the transformative power of costume and the significance of clothing in society.


Lisa earned a BFA in costume design at CalArts and has worked as a Craftsperson for Center Theater Group, Assistant Costume Designer for Shakespeare Festival / LA, First Hand for the Universal Studios Waterworld Stuntshow premiere, and Scenic Design Assistant for Universal’s Islands of Adventure. In 1998 she took on the role of Costume Assistant at Universal Creative, where she designed themed wardrobe for several retail venues within the Universal Studios Japan park.


Upon completion of the USJ project Lisa relocated to San Francisco where, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and the need for creative freedom, she established an independent costume design and fabrication business. This provided opportunities to create costumes for a wide variety of settings, including private parties, theater, and corporate events. Lisa's independent work earned her a reputation for solid craftsmanship, imaginative design, and timely delivery.


Always eager to share her knowledge, she moved back to Los Angeles in 2004 to join the performing arts faculty of Harvard-Westlake School where she’s taught costume design and technology for nearly 20 years. During that time, Lisa has costumed close to a hundred of the school's theatrical, musical and dance performances. She finds the process of helping others discover their own creativity greatly fulfilling.


Beyond her work as a costumer, Lisa has practiced the art of hat making since 2012 and has studied with Dillon Wallwork, Jane Smith, Awon Golding and Wayne Wichern. She’s an active participant in the LA area immersive theater community, and enjoys exploring the realms of horror and Halloween, where she finds inspiration from the eerie and macabre. Her annual Halloween yard haunt is a neighborhood favorite.

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